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I received my reproduction painting this morning via Fed Ex. I want to thank you very much for sending it expedited service ! I am very pleased with my painting, it is beautiful!! I would like to say that your online daily updates and the tracking system which you employ are informative and it is great to be able to check on the progress of a painting. Your reply to my email in April gave me all the answers that I needed. I have greatly enjoyed my experience with Abacus Gallery and look forward to my next one. Again, my painting is all I hoped it would be and more!!!
Kim Winters, OH, USA
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100% Hand Painted - Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas

Reproduction art has a long and illustrious history. It was common for artists to not only copy their own work but also to copy work of other artists.

In Museums around the world you will find artists recreating paintings and this form of art has been at the cornerstone of art education for centuries.

Your painting will be completed entirely by hand by a Professional Artist using only the best quality materials.

Only one Artist will work on your painting and he or she will be responsible for every stage of preparation and completion.

All of our artists are professional artists in their own right with the skill sets and expertise which enable them to recreate paintings to the highest standard.